Hearing Aid Styles

In-the-ear hearing instruments (ITE)

These are custom made devices that house all of the hearing instrument’s components in a unit – or “shell” – that fits within the ear. You may be offered one of the following:

  • CIC

    Completely-in-the-canal: fits deeply inside your ear canal

  • ITC

    In-the-canal: small enough to fit almost entirely in your ear canal

  • ITE

    In-the-ear: made to fit within the external ear

Behind-the-ear hearing instruments (BTE)

Components in these instruments are contained in the housing that rests behind the ear, connected by a thin tube to a custom ear mould or tip. Bellow are some samples:

  • BTE

    Behind-the-ear: fits snugly behind the ear and is attached to a custom ear piece

  • ‘Open Fit’

    Ultra thin tubing is virtually invisible

  • RIC

    Receiver-in-the-canal: the smallest BTE instruments