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More people than ever are wearing some form of device to improve their hearing, leading to continued growth in the hearing healthcare market. Take, for example, the sharp increase in the 50 to 65-year age group, which is feeling the effects of heightened noise levels – such as the roar of traffic, or music heard too loud, too often. Add to this the fact that more work and social interaction today places greater demands on our ability to communicate. In fact, it is estimated that approximately ten percent of people have a hearing loss that strongly affects their lives. It is, therefore, reasonable to expect that, in the future, more and more people will need to wear some form of device to improve their hearing.

Hearing Instrument Development: 15 years ago, all hearing instruments fell into the “conventional analog” category. These hearing instruments provided minimal ability for the dispenser to adjust them based on problems the patient was still experiencing. In order to give the hearing healthcare professionals greater adjustment capabilities and to provide more advanced signal processing, programmable analog instruments were developed 10 years ago. These instruments provided greater patient satisfaction. However, they still could not manipulate sound to provide the most advanced signal processing.

Digital hearing instruments were introduced to the market in 1996. Digital signal processing allows manufacturers to create and execute elaborate signal processing schemes which increase the patient’s comfort and speech understanding.

GN ReSound is the technology leader in bringing advanced hearing instruments to the market. Our use of audiological research combined with the most sophisticated engineering talent provides patients with hearing instruments that enhance their quality of life.