Phonak Hearing Systems, Inc

4529 Weaver Parkway
Warrenville, IL 60555
Tel: 800.777.7333
Fax: 630.393.7400

Product leadership and innovation have always been key factors in the success of the Phonak Group.

Today, through multiple brands and distribution channels, the Group offers a complete range of digital hearing instruments —from premium, high-end products to entry level products—along with some important niche products and complementary, unique wireless communication systems.

Children are our future. By giving them access to the wealth of sounds that enrich today’s world, we can help them to develop the auditory skills they need to build their future.

Phonak has been committed to providing high-tech solutions for hearing impaired children for over 35 years, and it remains a priority at Phonak to help prepare today’s children for tomorrow. Phonak’s Oliver program has been specially designed to support the needs of children with hearing loss.

Reinforcing our position as a leading manufacturer specializing in technologically advanced digital hearing aids, Phonak Hearing Systems has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. Our digital hearing systems, including Perseo and Claro, the first digital hearing aids to analyze and adjust to the environment like the human ear, have earned the Seal, one of America’s most recognized symbols.