Westone Laboratories, Inc

2235 Executive Circle, P.O. Box 15100
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Tel: 800.525.5071
Fax: 763.540.9183
Email: westone@earmold.com

Westone Laboratories Inc. was established in 1959 in the kitchen of the Morgan family log cabin. The business was based upon three simple concepts: absolute quality, friendly, efficient service and the Golden Rule. A lot has changed since then. Westone has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of custom made products for the ear. However, our commitment to absolute quality has remained unchanged. The installation of state of the art manufacturing equipment and the use of techniques proprietary to Westone has allowed us to bring innovative and unique products to the hearing healthcare field. Our belief in friendly and efficient service, evidenced by our technical support department and customer service staff, is unparalleled by any other earmold manufacturer. And our unshakable reliance on the Golden Rule has allowed Westone to remain a leader in the Oto-plastic industry.

Westone’s well deserved reputation for quality, and our willingness to take on even the most demanding challenges, has allowed us to refine our line of custom earmold designs for the hearing impaired as well as provide a full range of hearing protection and communication products. In addition to quality custom made ear products for the hearing impaired, industry, musicians, and recreation, Westone also has a complete line of products for the hearing healthcare professional.

A Note on Protecting Your Hearing From Noise

Be aware of the warning signs for hearing loss. If you have control of the volume, turn it down; if you don’t, wear hearing protection. There are many options available today to meet specific needs and uses for hearing protection; from products designed to give as much ambient noise protection as possible, to hearing protection devices designed specifically for performing musicians. Twenty years ago no one wore bicycle helmets, but now it’s rare when you see someone riding without one. Concrete hasn’t gotten harder in the last two decades, people have become much more educated about the risks involved and the dangers they face should they be involved in an accident. It’s a noisy world out there. With the information and resources available today, positive steps can be taken to reduce the occurrence of noise induced hearing loss.