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Founded on Care

When Hans Demant founded Oticon in 1904, he was driven by a profound desire to help his hard-of-hearing wife and others with similar problems lead a better life.

Inspired by this humanistic philosophy, his son and successor William Demant later created the charitable Oticon Foundation. Today the Oticon Foundation is the majority shareholder in Oticon and is committed through its statutes to support the needs of the hearing impaired.

Thus, everything we do at Oticon originates from a desire to help people. This is reflected in our vision: To help people live the life they want with the hearing they have.

Oticon has developed a range of high quality hearing instruments that offer individual solutions for people with individual lifestyles. Together with your hearing care professional you will be able to find the best possible fit.

Oticon has a long tradition of serving children with hearing difficulty and of supporting hearing care professionals working with children. We believe that helping children goes well beyond the benefits of hearing instruments.